I purchased Daniel's Hypnotic Audio in an effort to address my anxiety as it relates to my finances. 

What is amazing about Daniel's Hypnotic Audio is that he doesn't just deliver a generic hypnosis audio. He will ask you to fill out an intake form (several pages long) then schedule a one on one so he can better understand the issue at hand and dive a little deeper.  

So did it help?


Not only did I find value in the audio but our one on one was extremely helpful as well. Daniel is extremely skilled at reading between your words and getting to the root of your thoughts and feelings.  He applies this knowledge to your tailored audio recordings.

Please note this will not be an overnight change. Although, I did feel an immediate shift. I initially found myself still worrying about the "what ifs" from time to time.

However over time, I started to surrender and found myself repeating "it will all work itself out."  What is notable is that the feeling behind those words are very distinct.   It’s a feeling of confidence compared to the doubt that was there before. I am even seeing evidence of it through opportunities that the universe has presented.

My anxiety has subsided. I still listen to his hypnotic audio regularly. It helps me stay on course.  

Simply said,  his hypnotic audio works. Daniel has a magic touch!! 

Amarillis Correa Parga


A personalized hypnosis session recorded specifically for you... 

Daniel's regular one-on-one packages start at $5,555 to work on one specific outcome. Daniel has over 40 years experience and has worked with 1,000's of clients.


Get a personalized hypnotic audio designed and recorded specifically for you. Plus a BONUS training audio


  • Preliminary one-on-one 60 min. zoom interview, to get your personal background and circumstances.
  • Choose what you want to work on.
  • Daniel will record your audio and deliver to you within 7 days after the interview
  • ****************************
  • Bonus conscious/subconscious mind integration training audios
  • Bonus hypnotic conditioning audio for better, deeper, sleep
  • Want something more? (http://yesdaniel.com)

Customized Hypnotic Audio Price $555

Limited Availability



"Daniel, I just finished listening to the hypnosis session you made for me. 
I LOVE IT!  It is like no other hypnotic session I have ever done. First off, the personalization you put into this from only getting to know me for one hour is unbelievable.

Alyssa, Massage Therapist/ Healer, NY

This whole process, working with you has been very helpful and I am positive it will have a lasting good impact on my life.  I am happy I made the choice to employ your services for this..”  

Nick Fields, Author, OH

Thank you, Daniel. I love this audio! I listened to it the night I got it and went deep directly.”  

Marcella Ferguson, Administrator, AZ

Daniel, Thank you! After listening to the audio, wow! It's perfect. I am so grateful to see shifts happening already!.”  

Lorin Easton, Artist/Teacher, NY

The audio is beautiful!  Listened to it last night. I’m impressed and just what I wanted!!!.”  

Katie, Health Coach, CA

“OMG! Absolutely perfect! Thank you..”  

Jessica Martin, Life Coach, GA

“Daniel is the real deal! I received more in one session than I had from a full year of coaching.”  

Dwain Handley, Personal Trainer, TX

“Daniel could put you in trance reading the phonebook! Deeply relaxing. Ha, does anyone know what a phonebook is anymore?”  

Jennifer Baily, Healer/Event Promotor, TX

“Daniel 's recording restored my energy and clarity. His voice is amazing. ”  

Jennifer Ralph, L.D.C.D. Director of Drug Rehabilitation Services, TX

“My confidence is 10x stronger! The hypnosis recording has made a huge difference the very next day. HUGE!.”  

Monica, Healer/Coach, FL

Meet Daniel.

Your performance in life is my product,

your badass self-expression is my legacy.

Daniel D'Neuville is a long time coach, consultant, and teacher. He is a Master Hypnotist with over 40 years experience and a Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Trainer.

Since 1988, he has worked with nearly 10,000 people in virtually every area of life creating transformational results for his students and clients. He currently coaching entrepreneurs, coaches, and top-level executives.

In 2004, he became a certified Firewalk Instructor and has led hundreds of people across the coals in his UNLEASHED & UNSTOPPABLE WORKSHOP and has personally walked nearly 600 times (587 times) across the 1200 degree F. burning embers.

He is also the host of the successful podcast THE ALIGNED SELF with Daniel D'NEUVILLE